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Property Management

Property Managers

Dean OsterDean Oster, Property Manager, Broker


Contact Dean at 503-765-8154 Ext. 512 or 503-932-5708 to discuss all your property management needs!


Own rental property with less hassle!







Donna Rash, Property Manager, Broker


Contact Donna at 503-871-0490 to discuss any property management needs.


 Property Owners Services

 Tenant Finder Services


Full-Service Property Management
  • 24/7 marketing and advertising of your property utilizing the internet, full-color property flyers, property signage and newspaper advertising.
  • An initial inspection of your property and initialization of any repairs needed.
  • Suggestions on upgrades, design and/or landscaping changes that may increase your rental income and keep you compliant with state regulations.
  • Receive applications and thoroughly screen all tenants with background, credit check and reference checks.
  • Execute all rental agreements and addenda on behalf of the owner.
  • Collect all rents, fees and/or other charges.
  • Detailed documentation of all activities and financial records in monthly, quarterly and/or yearly reports.
  • Sign and serve any appropriate notices.
  • Evict tenants or other occupants.
  • Reinstate tenancies.
  • Make periodic inspections to protect owner's interests.
  • Retain and manage conditionally refundable deposits.
  • Make or supervise repairs and alterations.
  • Hire, discharge and supervise all labor and employees required for the operation of your property.
  • Manage your property in strict compliance with all laws and regulations.


Tenant Finder Property Management

  • Property Advertisement - same as Full Service.
  • Pre-screen tenants - credit report and criminal background check (fee paid by tenant)
  • Execute Lease/Rental Agreement on behalf of owner.
  • Visit our local website to find your dream home and what NW Oregon Realty Group can do for you!
  • Detailed property information and photos.
  • Full color property guide posted online each Friday.
  • 24/7 Marketing Guarantee and No-Hassle Property Management. We handle as little or as much as you need up to EVERYTHING!
  • Your property will also be listed in our weekly and monthly property guides in the Silverton Appeal, and Our Town newspapers, as well as our full color flyers!
  • We will also market your property through our large network of NW Oregon Realty Group agents and clients.